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展开查看  As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

It is true that technology plays a more and more important role in our social life. The first industrial evolution bring us automobiles which enable us free from laborious works. The communication technology make it easier when people intend to contact a acquaintance hundreds miles away, which used to cost a lot of money and labor force before. We rely on technology also in our daily life,even in school. When confronted with mathematic problems, Students inclined to search on the internet for answers rather that knocking on their teacher’s door. Technology, has penetrate into the whole society and all class. Yet, it is not necessarily deteriorate human’s capacity of thinking for themselves.

People could grasp knowledges more rapidly with technology. Before tele-communication devices' invention, people can only talk about the events happening within a city, or even, a town. Topics were extremely circumscribed. Things have changed dramatically with the introducing of telegram and internet, with which a American politician can hear issues even from China within seconds. Messages flooding everyone’s life, sending whatever needed to individual’s desk. With a broaden world, people could see things from variable angles, and jump out of the circle painted by scarcity of messages. Every time you find a brand new method or a different approach could be used to solve a puzzle which you were entangled with, you would notice that technology has not keep us from thinking, but helps us thinking more efficiently.

Technology can help us not only in master known world, but also realms beyond reach. Relying on technology, workers could fulfill onerous tasks more efficiently and save considerable time from trivial matters. Technology enable professionals to put more time in solving complex and comprehensive problems, and in exploring mysterious land of knowledge. Taking the automated agriculture for example. A versatile automatic controlling system is adequate to a dozen of field technicians in dealing with various conditions, like soil moisture and fertilization detecting and sunlight controlling. There is no need for the technicians to put a large amount of time in field, examining whether the soil is too dry for the plant, or when should irrigating and how much water should put in? The testing system is as adroit as any expert can do in field. Once free from burdensome works, technicians can devoted themselves into more profound problems. For instance, in optimizing phenotypic traits with increased production process.

Admittedly, there are chances that some people rely too much on technology and reject to think, thus their capability of thinking would be destroyed. However, I would say it is laziness that destroy a man, not technology. Will you expect a man who is unwilling to think with plethora of resource would think without new ideas prodding on their back? It is human nature to explode unknown kingdoms. New technology can help vanguard pacing the way to the promising land.

All in all, relying on technology, people can think more, think faster and think broader. They can break Moore’s law, solve enigmas labeled as unsolvable, or move towards the limit and break it. Hardly, as the statement says, technology will deteriorate the ability of human to think for themselves.
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Tue Feb 16 09:18:58 UTC 2016
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