展开查看  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.  

The development of the economy and an increase in income has led to the prosperity in tourism. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to relax themselves by escaping from the place they live and seek excitement in exploring a new place. As a result, travel agencies are springing up everywhere in the cities and it is claimed that having a tour guide will make the trip more pleasant. However, making a trip on one's own has its own merits.
Needless to say, a self-support trip means more flexibilities. If we travel in group, there is high possibility that the itinerary of the trip is pre-decided by the travel agency, which may not include all the places the visitor wants to go because of time limitation. Besides, the time spent visiting a certain scenic spot is usually restricted by the tour guide. As a result, we might be forced to leave a spot that we are particularly interested in in order to meet up the time schedule of the whole group. In contrast, if we are planning a trip by ourselves, we can include where we want to visit without the need to catering to other's preference. We can also arrange the time on each spot more flexibly.
Some people may argue that if we travel in a group with a tour guide, the guide will present us with the stories and histories behind the place we are visiting, which will make the experience more interesting and enjoyable. But in fact, most visitors do not pay much attention to the introductions because the guides usually give the introduction in an emotionless way that may not intrigue the interests of the visitors. Besides, most of the scenic spots today has a printed version of its introduction just beside the place, and visitors can learn about the stories and history simply by reading them.
What's more, planning a trip on one's own has a lot fun. When we are collecting information about where we are going to visit, we may end up with a better understanding of the place, knowing more about its culture or history.
Recently, self-supported trips are gaining more popularity among the public, especially between young people. With the advantages presented above, I believe there will be even more people willing to go for a trip on their own in the future.
作者 Utaku_Kim
Mon Sep 21 11:49:15 UTC 2015