展开查看  Nowadays, advertising aimed at children should be banned. To what extent you agree or disagree?

Whether advertising aimd at children should be banned is a always an issue around us. Advocates believe that they exaggerate effectiveness of products, while others disagree with their opinions. In am of the point of that with the precondition of achieving manufactures' business goals, this kinds of advertisement should be manipulated strictly by government instead of being forbidden.

It is well known that children products market is profitable. Advertising targeted at children is the most direct way that links manufactures/servers and consumers. It is nessary for the existing of children advertising, because children products or services help parents and the society to solve kinds of problems during the process of growth of children.

Inevitablly, there are several disadvantages of children advertising. They may exaggerate the effectiveness of their products since children products market is lucrative. If parents believe the result they were told in the advertising, they may lose their own logical judgement. While, the consequent of products may not satisfying. For example, parents buy a series of courses to register their child to a school to learn some kinds of art with influence of advertising. Several month later, they may find that the trainng was meaningless, as the child learned nothing new from the education institute.

On the other side, if a child was attracted by the advertising content and his /her family can't aford this product, he may feel frustrated and lose self confidence. Obviously, it's not good for children's healthy growth. Children may grow up with psychology distorted toward society. Most students from poverty families are still humble after their entrance to society for instance.

To sum up, advertising aimed children should not be banned in my opinion. Instead, I prefer that the government should establish law to restrain mis-leading advertise and parents should treat this kind of advertising rationaly. What's more, the media should judge advertising targeted advertising not only by their business profit , but also through public benefit effectiveness.
作者 樊荣
Wed Jun 10 13:24:10 UTC 2015