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On The Balance Between Freedom and Order
When we talk about freedom and order , we find some people hold the view that freedom play a more important role in their daily life meanwhile some other people prefer to choose order as their standered of behavior . However , depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern , I think it is more advisable to keep balance between freedom and order . My arguments for this point are listed as follows .
The main reason for my propensity for my point comes from an old saying : Only order can produce freedom . And Marx also said Law is the Bible of the freedom . As far as I am concerned , I believe people must keep a balance between freedom and order . There is no doubt that it is the regulations that protect our surroundings of freedom and civil rights indeed . Frankly speaking , drawing up too many laws and regulations without limitations will have a terrible effect on the path of pursuing freedom .
Another reason can be seen by everyone is that if we abandon those rules that we followed age after age , we may find that it is a disaster . For instance , the campaign , what is called “Occupy Central” , is causing damage to HongKong . Due to this boring demonstration , HongKong is out of order . What we can see is that the public traffic system is out of work , students also decide to boycott classes and shops have to close to avoid sabotage . According to the HongKong government , the parade has brought very bad influence in the world . And another depressing news based on CCTV shows that the loss of HongKong are at least one billion only during National Day for this reason .
Furthermore , if we pay more attention on how to go out of our way to follow rules , I convince that this will kill the soul of freedom in modern society. Here we all know freedom can encourage human’s creativite and imaginative , take Renaissance for example , it is freedom rather than the durance of religious that lead human out of the darkness of Middle Age . Another example is the sufferance of Modern China , the emperor and most of ministers refuse to make some change , they think that those orders are made by their ancestors and every one should carry out without no reason . On this account , Modern China go though a darkness period of modern history .
In a word , we must seek a balance between freedom and order . Freedom and order are brothers , neither of them can be ignore . Without order , the world will be in chaos and undoubtedly if we spurn the freedom , the world will fall into darkness . Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that a balance between freedom and order must be put an eye on .
作者 刘岩
Thu Oct 16 10:14:29 UTC 2014