展开查看  Studies suggest that children spend more time watching TV than they did in the past and spend less on doing active or creative things. Why do you think it is the case? What methods can be used to tackle it?

题目:Many children spend more time watching television than doing active or creative activities. What are the causes of this?

Suggest some solutions.


According to recent survey, childen spend increasing time on watching television than doing active or creative activities.

In this essay, I will analyze the reason and give some practical solutions to the phenomenon.

Ther are several reasons for this situation.

Frist, With the development of economy, digital products, such as television and computers, are more accessible than they

are past. Take me for example, Tv was so expensive that common families can not afford when I was a child. So I can only

watched TV for once a month at the public square.

Second, there are some parenting problems for modern parents. They spend more time and energy on work or entertainment,

leaving a little time to accompany with their children. Consequently, without parent's attention, children can only play

with themselves by watching Tv or playing computer games alone.

Decades earlier, most of the families lives together in a courtyard, which is a good place for children to communicate with

peers. It was at the yard that I found a true friendship even if we still contact with each other till now. However, most

families live at the apartment causing most of the residents don't know their neibours at all.

As to me , I maintain that there are several methods can be taken to ease the problem.

Parenting is the most important for growth of children. As a result, Parents should pay more time and attendtion to their

own child.

School should organize some intresting-oriented activities at weekend or vacation to diversify children's leisure time. It

can enhance children's skill in some aspect, and offer them more opportunities to communicate and make friends with


Overall, it's not good for children spend too much time on TV. To solve this problem, both parents and society should take

multiple methods to handle the problem.
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