展开查看  Some people think that robots are very important to human’s future development. Others think that they are dangerous and have negative effects on society. Discuss both opinions and give your personal view.

There are many extinct species in the world nowadays. Some people say we should protect these animals from dying out,while others say we should concentrate more on problems of human beings. Discuss both opinions and give your personal view.

Recently, there is a debate about the extinct species in the world at present. Some maintain that we should protect these endangered species from becoming extinct. Whereas, the others believe that more concentration should be put on human being problems . As to me , I advocate more to the first choice since it’s irreversible.

Admittedly, I agree that it does exist lots of issues of human society which confuse us for a long time and cause profound influence such as increasing wealth gap, diseases and environment contamination. For example, a kind of virus named SARS even caused a mount of death around the world which is still can not be cured radically. To achieve our better future, it’s our responsibility to try our utmost to solve these questions.

However, it is also important to protect endangered animals from drying out as some people assert also. Several reasons can be given as follows. Firstly, with various of causes, endangered species take the bad situation in survival competition which can be influenced by many aspects including human activities. Once they become extinct, would it be an irreversible process that the gene pool ,a kind of precious which might contain useful gene period for human, preserved by them will disappear from the earth .

Secondly, with the increasing development of human society and deteriorating of environment that we rely on, it is possible that human activities lead to the ecological unbalance, which threaten the survival of some species. Take Antarctica for example, sea level- rising as a consequence of green house air emitted by human destroyed ecological system the local wild animals rely on . Consequently, human being should take the responsibility for the extinction for the phenomenon.

Overall, I agree that there are still huge number of problems should be handled by ourselves. What’s more, we should take measures to protect endangered species as the divine on the planet, especially for the animals impacted by human beings.
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