Most of the government funding should be used by s

Since the recognition of the significance of science appears, people have been confronted with a question whether or not a majority of authority’s finance should be distributed to science rather than allocate them evenly.

For some people, nothing is more important than the advance of science. It is universally acknowledged that science and technology boost productive forces, especially in this information age when competition between countries is fierce and acute. Admittedly, we benefit a lot from science in terms of telecommunication, recreation and the way we work. Without advanced science, grave problems tend to appear i.e. stagnant economy, depressive society, and monotonous daily life. Therefore, it is pays to lay emphasis on science teaching, which contribute to make a harmonious community.

Advantageous as the science is, disadvantage cannot be ignored. There exists a possibility that abnormality of economy occurs by stressing science too much. For a country’s long-term development, it is not science only, but balanced development that matters. Traditional cultures and art, for instance, can definitely cultivate students’ imagination, self-determination and sense of responsibility, which are closely related to the furtherance of a country. Therefore, by no means can the government distribute most of funding to science, and giving consideration to various aspects is much more sensible.

In my mind, it is time we evaluated the roles that science plays from more unbiased and objective perspectives. Significant as the science is, a all-round development is more crucial. The authority should finance various areas to ensure the country’s sound growth. Only by this means can a nation be well prepared for the future and keep up with the trend of the world.
作者 王然
Thu Apr 12 14:22:29 UTC 2012