Some people think children should obey the rules t

There are times when people reckon that more rules may contribute to effectively discipline children for the sake of their promising future. But nowadays, this conservative viewpoint is being challenged by others who profess that it is critical to afford children fewer restrictions which would substantially profit them. Personally, my perspective precisely coincides with the latter.

Admittedly, advices from either parents or teachers would successfully lead children to avoid going astray as they are still so young that they are unable to distinguish between right and wrong in most cases. However, convincing evidence abounds that an increasing proportion of juveniles have gradually become less dynamic merely attributed to too many articles restraining them mentally as well as psychologically.

To start with, no one can deny that the teenagers are likely to become less creative once they get accustomed to complying with diverse rules both at home and at school. In particular, living and studying under stringent rules, they would incessantly lose capability of independent thinking which may result in the scarcity of innovative spirits. Furthermore, constrained by a variety of rules, children dare not to perform in accordance with their own determination in that those fixed rules invariably may deprive them of the rights in making judgment. In other words, so submissive are they that they can hardly voice their peculiar standpoints on some essential issues which are closely associated with their prospective life. Last but not least, with less constraint, seemingly childish dreams may probably be fulfilled due to inherent unlimited courage on those naïve kids. They endeavor to seek their own route and never feel regretted for any devastating strikes they may suffer from.

To conclude, even though rules are necessary to establish a strong sense of order amongst children, as far as I am concerned, they are supposed to be offered more liberty in terms of thinking and behavior which would light up their extraordinary dreams thereby conduct them to a sophisticated life genuinely belonging to them.
作者 barbie-myangel
Sat Mar 10 03:28:07 UTC 2012